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Glossary of terms for users of the WTO Quantitative Restrictions Website
General information

The QR Glossary intends to provide support material for users of the QR website. It covers terms specific to the QR website, as well as terms applying to customs tariffs and international trade in goods. It was prepared by the Market Access Division Secretariat under its own responsibility and without prejudice to the positions of Members and to their rights and obligations under the WTO.


The glossary has been compiled from both Secretariat and external sources.  While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, the Secretariat accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the material provided. In some instances, material from external sources has been changed slightly for editing purposes.


The term "country" in the glossary does not imply an expression of opinion by the WTO Secretariat concerning the status of any country, territory or area or the delimitation of its frontiers, or the rights and obligations of any WTO Member in respect of WTO agreements.

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Market Access Committee
WTO Committee that provides a forum and supervises the implementation of concessions relating to tariffs and non-tariff measures; oversees the application of procedures for modification or withdrawal of tariff concessions, ensures that goods schedules are updated; conducts the updating and analysis of documentation on quantitative restrictions and other non-tariff measures; oversees the content and operation of, and access to, the Integrated Data Base.


Most-favoured-nation treatment (GATT Article I, GATS Article II and TRIPS Article 4), the principle of not discriminating between one’s trading partners. The MFN tariff refers to the normal non-discriminatory tariff charged on imports (excludes preferential tariffs under free trade agreements and other schemes or tariffs charged inside quotas).

Minimum price, triggering a quantitative restriction

Pre-established import/export price below which imports cannot take place.

Mixing regulation

Regulation specifying the proportion of domestically produced content in products offered for sale on the domestic market and regulation specifying, for any imports of a given product, the quantity of a domestically produced like product that must be purchased by the importer.

Montreal Protocol
A multilateral environmental agreement dealing with the depletion of the earth’s ozone layer, adopted in 16 September 1987. Subsequently amended in 1992 (London Amendment), 1994 (Copenhagen amendment), 1999 (Montreal amendment), and 2002 (Beijing Amendment).